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How to create a ZPK v2

Creating a deployment package for your application is actually relatively straight forward and easy with the right instructions. These instructions will focus on helping you create a deployment package (called a ZPK file and easily deployable with options to Zend Server) on your IBM i itself. First launch ‘qp2term’. This will be where we do […]

Turn off welcome screen in Zend Studio

A persistent visitor By default, Zend Studio’s welcome screen opens every time Studio starts. While this screen provides a convenient way to select features to be installed, some users may wish to banish it till needed. Turning it off Here’s how to configure Zend Studio not to show the welcome page on startup: 1. Go […]

From 0 To Development Environment With Zend Server On IBM i

Zend Server 8 is an amazing piece of software for the IBM i. It allows you to run PHP programs in an optimized and great way! But getting started in a ‘best practice’ kind of setup has not been very well documented. Especially if you want to have many projects and keep them contained. This […]

How To Deploy A ZPK From Zend Studio To your IBM i

This is a guide on how to create a ZPK to be deployed onto an IBM i. I create a new project called Test Deploy to see how to create the initial deployment.xml file, and then use screenshots from my K3S-Replenish project that I have already setup for the rest. In Zend Studio (I am […]