IBM i System

5733-OPS Installation Guide

Download 5733-OPS Download 5733-OPS UDF via the My Entitled Systems Support website. Open in Firefox (or a browser that supports Java). Visit My Entitled Software > Software downloads in the left sidebar. Choose the appropriate Operating System and Version. Choose 5770-SS1 and click continue. Choose the language you would like and continue. Use the hide/show […]

Locking Down SSH on the IBM i with Public Keys

How to set up SSH keys and permissions on IBM i Allowing access to the IBM i via SSH using passwords is a bad practice. This allows for people to brute-force their way into your system. This article will explain how to lock down SSH by disallowing passwords and root login, and setting up public […]

Ordering and maintaining PTFs via the Green Screen and a schedule

There are some features that I really appreciate a GUI for. And then there are some features where just being able to type quickly on a command line is preferable. In an effort to keep a server up to date and create a consistent predictable schedule for updates I use these methods: 1. We IPL […]

Installing PHPUnit on IBM i

PHPUnit is a tool that¬†allows you to write automated tests for your PHP code. One of the main advantages to writing¬†tests is that they give you assurance that you haven’t introduced bugs into your application when making changes to your code. When you make changes to an application, you can run these tests and ensure […]

Starting SSH Daemon on IBM i

Many developers including myself use SSH (Secure SHell) every day when saving their code from their IDE of choice to a remote server. For instance, in Zend Studio you can set up an SSH connection to your IBM i and set the project you’re working on (which resides on your PC) to upload the php […]