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Discussion in 'PHP Toolkit' started by Alan, Jul 2, 2015.

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    Alan Administrator Staff Member

    Please feel free to ask questions about the toolkit. Basic information here: http://www.alanseiden.com/toolkit/
    The toolkit includes:
    • Compatibility Wrapper (CW) for migration from Easycom
    • Program calls
    • Commands
    • Spool file access
    • Data area access
    • more
    The toolkit does not include db2_ functions, which are provided by IBM in the included extension ibm_db2. We may set up a separate group for that if there's demand for it. Let us know.

    Looking forward to seeing you here on the group!
    Alan Seiden
    Project leader, Zend PHP Toolkit for IBM i
    Zend Framework certified contributor
    Owner, Alan Seiden Consulting
    Founder, Club Seiden

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