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Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Kimon, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Kimon

    Kimon New Member

    So I met one Escort girl and how to do the right things to be with her?
  2. Zakomako

    Zakomako New Member

    Just do whatever you want. Just when I met my first escort girl, I didn’t think for a long time what exactly I want with her. Simply, she herself was open and wanted more! But it was at the resort in Porto Alegro! Here you can find one such And if you say that you are from me, you will get even more bonuses. Go for it!
  3. Vokina

    Vokina New Member

    Just tell her that you are new and you don't have much experience yet. Just if you tell her like this, then you will get such an experience that others will only dream about it. But this is not always possible to say, only with these you will be able to agree on Tell them the truth, and do not be afraid of it.

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