Question about the setOptions() function

Discussion in 'PHP Toolkit' started by m.marcosdomenech, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. m.marcosdomenech

    m.marcosdomenech New Member

    maybe this question seems stupid, but i need the opinion from an expert;)
    For example: I creat a new Toolkit Object, then i call the setOptions() function with some Options and after that i call an RPG PGM. Then i have to directly call another RPG PGM, but i have to increase the PlugSize Option (for example).
    And here comes my question: In this occasion can i just call the setOptions() again with the new PlugSize or should i create a new Toolkit Object with the new Options? Will i run into Problems when i change the Options between the PGM calls?

    i will be thankful for any help..

    greetings from germany
    manuel marcos
  2. Alan

    Alan Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, Manuel, you may call setOptions() again before your program call. You won't have any problems doing that.


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