In addition to being a mother ... love yourself, pamper yourself and take care of your skin

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    Being a mother means in many of us, almost always, a steep fall in our care. We do not have time. The baby absorbs a lot, the children absorb more and when adolescence arrives we believe that there is nothing to do.

    We are wrong. Taking care of ourselves should be a priority one in our daily agenda in addition to being mothers. Pamper us, love each other, feel beautiful ... And the time it takes is not so much, or at least that's what they told me the other day in a workshop on the care of our faces that the Olay brand gave and I was lucky enough to attend.

    And I was surprised. I was surprised by so many years with makeup in tow and how much ignorance I had regarding the care of my skin cll. So I said to myself, I'm going to tell you all, the eight most important things we need to know about caring for our faces, so that we stop making mistakes:

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