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    Best Shampoo For Hair Fall Control In India Silicone Hair Treatment Advantages and DisadvantagesAs with any treatment, there are benefits and disadvantages to silicone treatment. Silicone is present in hair care merchandise which include shampoos and conditionersSome of the advantages of silicone remedy are as follows Smooth, exquisite hair that looks healthful and has adiscounted frizz - silicone coats the hair with a movie providing a clean texture to the hair.While the terrific elements of silicone seem like beneficial to hair, additionally they create a drawback in the long run. Silicones that coat the hair and keep the moisture are difficult to easy out. Water-soluble silicones may be washed away, but there may be a construct-up of such silicones in the hair. While the hair is coated with silicone, no different product can get right of entry to the roots of the hair, (eg, oil, water, protein nutrients).

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