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    Do without slack a hundred percent and all the channels Kerotin Hair Growth so we set that up so that every project has its own channel so if we're talking about a project we talk in that channels project in that projects channel yeah I can't live without for me so that's Dropbox and Google Drive so just file sharing I mean everyone's got to have everything at any moment and I just want to quickly create - I need to be able to just jump into Google.

    Drive and see an image and just drop it onto Instagram let's say geez I've got boxer for my junior lady boss so she and I only talk on boxer and basically it's like our walkie talkie if I'm in the car coming home from a client Kerotin Hair Growth I'll be like hey JLB I just did this and this can you make sure that this person does this and then she just ships it out to the team and then that person takes care of it so I think it's about it slack teamwork boxer.

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