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    Getting back from ZendCon 2015, I realized many example/sessions used Apache config and none of them used custom logs. If you run a single application, it may be fine. If you run multiple applications or use multiple containers (we use a different VirtualHost for each developer), then custom logs is simple to set up and will help you debug problems.

    In you http.conf file

    or prefered Zend's method: (here you can have has many conf file containing a single VirtualHost, simply change MyApp to whatever represent your app)

    By adding the lines in bold to your own conf, you will separate every request/error made to this containers.
    <VirtualHost *:26589>
    DocumentRoot /www/MyApp/public

    SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV "development"
    ErrorLog /www/weblog/MyApp_error.log
    CustomLog /www/weblog/MyApp_access.log combined

    <Directory /www/MyApp/public>
    ## configs


    Note: the actual path needs to exist and give QTMHHTTP *RWX access
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