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Discussion in 'Zend Server & PHP' started by Phillip Adkins, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Phillip Adkins

    Phillip Adkins New Member

    We are running Zend server on our AS400 system (PHP 5.6.30). I want to access data stored in a Progress OpenEdge database on a Windows server on our network. I am interested in acquiring WebSmart PHP to develop applications to get data from our AS400 and OpenEdge, but I wanted to test data access to OpenEdge first. I've tried using PDO(), odbc_connect() and db2_connect() with no success. We don't have the PDo_Odbc extension on our system. Thank you for your help.

    Phil Adkins
  2. Alan

    Alan Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, Phil, if you want to connect to IBM i data from a Windows server, you can do it with odbc if you've installed the IBM i odbc driver. db2_connect works from Windows only if you purchase the Db2 Connect product (no extra product needed for access within IBM i).
  3. Alan

    Alan Administrator Staff Member

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