Monitoring for Errors in PHP Script Called from CLLE

I recently created an IBM i command for our company’s use that involved calling a PHP script from a CLLE program using QShell. In the event that the PHP script encountered an error I wanted a way for that script to report the error back to the calling CLLE. There are a few different ways to do that, but here is how I handled it.

In the PHP script, at the spots where I knew problems could happen, I used a try/catch to identify the problem and set a status value:

$exitStatus = 0;

try {
// code that might generate an error
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
$exitStatus = 1;

At the end of the PHP script I use the following:

exit( $exitStatus );

A successful execution of the script returns a status of 0, while a trapped error returns a positive value, in this case 1. If I have multiple places in the script that could generate errors, I can repeat that code with other positive integer values for $exitStatus, making it possible to identify the specific error.

When the script ends and QShell returns control to the calling CLLE, QShell returns a completion message: QSH0005 (from message file QZSHMSGF in library QSHELL). The message text is normally “Command ended normally with exit status 0.” When you use the “exit” statement as I did and return a value other than zero (0), that value is reflected in the message, as “Command ended normally with exit status 1.”

Since QSH0005 is not an escape message, I can’t use a MONMSG to check for the error. If I set environment variable QIBM_QSH_CMD_ESCAPE_MSG to a value of ‘Y’, any exit status greater than 0 will be reported as an escape message, which could then be monitored for. I chose not to go that route.

Instead I chose to receive the QSH005 message and compare the message text with the normal message to see if an error occurred. If there was an error I then sent CPF9897 as an escape message with the same message text. I can then monitor for CPF9897 in the CLLE’s calling program and process as needed. Here are the steps in the CLLE:



IF  COND(&MSGID *EQ ‘QSH0005’ *AND &RTNTYPE *EQ ‘01’ *AND %TRIM(&MSG) *NE ‘Command ended normally with exit status 0.’)  THEN(DO)

Thanks to several Club Seiden members for their input, especially Kevin Adler, who pointed me to the “exit” statement.

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